What We Do

Geeknician is closed. Please contact World Technology, LLC at 678-985-8222 for all of your computer needs.

If your hardware crashes, your computer won’t work, your internet connection won’t connect, if you need a fresh start with hard disk and/or operating system install, you need an upgrade of any kind or assistance with harmful viruses and spyware threats – we are here to assist you with our services, available in any form that best suit your needs. As a pick-up service at your home and office, on-site support or in form of virtual support.

Our main tasks

  • Install and/or update hard disk and operating systems.
  • Perform system maintenance and check-ups.
  • Prevent and contain virus outbreaks.
  • Assist you with backing-up and protecting important data.
  • Protect your computer and network from prying intruders, viruses and spyware.
  • Repair crashed hard drives and/or end disobedient computer activity.

In case of computer or network emergency don’t hesitate – call (404) 433-5642 or contact us online. Than grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax… while your personal team of experts works the problem away.