Geeknician has closed its doors. Please visit World Technology, LLC for all future computer needs.

Computer Malfunction

Using a computer is not far different from driving a car. It is not enough just to get it going, it is important to know who to take it to when even most steady drive suddenly ends. Crashed hard drive, unruly computer activity, nonperforming or outdated system – can slow up your drive, your work and your business and consequently cost you time and money.

Geeknician can repair your hard drive, make nonprinting printers print, help you retrieve, protect and back up important data, perform system checkups and maintenance, bring your computer up-to-date and gets it running smoothly and efficiently once again.

Virus Infection

Like any organism, your computer is a vulnerable tool. It can be affected by several different types of infections and intrusions – from harmless but nerve-eating hoaxes, to serious virus outbreaks that will consequently cause irretrievable data loss, computer malfunction or even permanent crash. Viruses can be transferred onto your computer through several different carriers – diskettes, CD disk, DVD disk and most importantly, via internet.

Geeknician will check you’re your computer for virus vulnerability and other security threats, provide maintenance-free, easy-to-use protection against viruses and hackers, thoroughly update your existent virus definition or contain a virus outbreak. We will also permanently free your computer of any active viruses or hoaxes, help you retrieve your lost data and get your working tool into perfect working condition.

Spyware Threat

Internet represents technological innovation and endless source of information, knowledge or entertainment. But on the other hand, it can also incubate potential risks. Spyware is a form of internet program that tracks user’s information and without his permission sands it back to a third party. When spyware lands on your computer, a number of negative effects will take place – from simple irritations such as continuing and excessive pop-ups, incredibly slowed-down computer connection… and when left untreated, it can eventually lead to computer crash or disastrous theft of your private data.

Geeknician is your essential partner in proactive spyware protection and your assistant in keeping your private data private. We will scan and remove disobedient spyware from your computer, prevent unrequested data (e.g. pop-ups, spam) from landing on your computer and inversely – keep your private data inaccessible to an unauthorized gaze and safe from hijackings or hacker access.

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